Banned In Hong Kong

"We will miss Lily Wong."
- Chris Patten, last British Governor of Hong Kong

On May 19, 1995, "The World of Lily Wong" was abruptly terminated by the South China Morning Post after the comic strip insulted Chinese premier Li Peng. Larry Feign's award-winning cartoon series had been running for nine years, and was one of the best-known and most popular newspaper features in Hong Kong.

Lily Wong's disappearance raised not only a few eyebrows but quite a few fears. News of her demise made headlines around the world. Major publications in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the rest of Asia reported the "sudden death of Lily Wong," and accused the South China Morning Post of "naked political censorship."

Why was Lily Wong so hastily removed from the paper? Was it political censorship, or merely an economizing measure, as the newspaper's editors maintain? Find out all the details, and see the offending cartoons, in this this corrosively funny book:

    Censored and banned cartoons that could never be printed before!
  • A selection of the best and most controversial Lily Wong cartoons!
  • Some of the sillier reasons Lily Wong cartoons were banned from print!
  • A foreword by Hong Kong's leading pro-democracy activist Martin Lee!
Rudy Wong
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"The Doonesbury of Asia!"
- Los Angeles Times

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